Wednesday, September 25, 2013


   The Asian mountain people eating this bread are among the healthiest people on earth. They have no cancer, heart attacks, diabetes, or any other disorders to speak of. The men are straight, tall broad-shouldered, deep-chested, slim-wasted, heavy-legged, and have a full head of hair. The women are graceful, slim-wasted, have well developed bosoms, perfect complexion and luxurious hair. At 80 they look no older than Western women of 40 or 50 men an women have perfect teeth and eyesight even at 100 or older. They are neat, clean, intelligent and friendly, And you can’t find an overweight person. Because their bread provides superb nourishment it is a natural and powerful appetite regulator. It does away with false cravings and enables the body to only sense true hunger. Some historians believe that this bread was the backbone for Alexander’s far traveled armies. You an make this delicious gluten-free bread in your kitchen without a bread machine. 
For the source of this information write to: Scoopified, PO Box 277, Bellingham, WA 98227


Theda Bostic said...

If anyone gets the recipe, can u email me, thedabostic@ Thanks!!

David Moses said...

I would like to have the reciepe as well.

Janine Smith said...

Has anyone actually received this recipe? I'd like to have it as well! email:

Unknown said...

I Googled this after seeing a listing for it in Scoopified. They are asking $9 for a 1 page "report" that includes the recipe. I got a recipe for $7 years ago called Justin''s no hunger bread.